Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Meet Miss Hadija, a young Tanzanian woman in the race of supporting youthful generation

I pledge my HEAD to clearer thinking, my HEART to greater loyalty, my HANDS to larger service, and my HEALTH to better living, for myself, my community, my country and my world.
Miss Hadija during one year assessment on KISA project achievements
Hadija Hassan is among the outstanding young Tanzanian women who work closely with the societies to ensure changes both human and societal. “Be the change you wish to see” from Mahatma Gandhi had been her favorite quotation. The involvement she had since young with her fellow youth gave her awareness on different issues prevailing in Tanzanian societies. Hadija`s major concern is on transforming the lives of youth and women in Tanzania.

Hadija in her Kisa project
Currently Hadija is working with the Non-government organization in Arusha called AFRICAID under KISA project in which she is mentoring young Tanzanian women and girls on leadership skills and life skills. She chose to work with this group because she believes that, once you educate one girl you have educated the whole society.
The KISA girls, seems to be happy and more confident after one year of mentorship
Traditionally women had been given the role of raising children so mentoring the girls (mothers of tomorrow), will help to shape them and also shape their children in the future. She believe that the chain will be in a form of personal development and nation at large.

“The marginalization of women and other women violation in Tanzania is rooted from our cultural practices that are sometimes encouraged by women themselves. Lack of self-confidence and the status quo have been the major reasons that hinder women’s development. Women had been very behind in social, political, and economic affairs despite the fact that the government has strategies to ensure women empowerment.” said Hadija.
Everyone is a leader, although others have devoted their time, humanity and dignity to serve not only themselves but also other community they live in, these are the one we call them socially responsible leaders. These people have ability to motivate, mobilize and inspire other community members to work together towards archiving the same goal. Not only men are capable of archiving those abilities but also women can, “believing in our selves is the only solution” said Hadija
We Share, Grow and Lead, is among the best motto by KISA girls.

The status quo/the easy way out/kama kawaida is a notion prevailing to all Tanzanian societies and women being the victims. Women and other members in our societies are raised knowing many practices are the result of their cultures and that’s how things are and supposed to be; not to speak in front of men, women being followers and men being leaders are the examples of status quo.

In the process of mentoring these girls, the most important things Hadija put into consideration is to ensure that girls are able to explore their potentials and exploit them to the maximum. She also facilitate girls growth by sharing resources/ideas and networks, she also challenges girls to move beyond their comfort zone.
Hi5 from Kisa girls,,,our future women leaders looking gorgeous with their smiling faces, we all believe on Hi5 towards the journey of achievement. Thumb finger:have the positive and professional attitude, Index finger: have a goal and direction. Middle finger:stand out and be proud. Ring finger:be loyal and a team player. Little finger:take little but smart steps
KISA girls during the seminar on women and leadership
Apart from leadership skills girls have to acquire other life skills to help them reach their dreams in this era of globalization, putting this into consideration she also train girls on social entrepreneurship, budgeting and saving, business plan, and business nuts and bolts. The main aim of life skills trainings is to help women and girls to think beyond employment and hence employ themselves.

“Sharing is caring, the more you share, the more you grow.”           


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