Friday, 10 July 2015

Capacitating Youth and involving them in decision making is a best way of creating inclusive society toward economic and social development

In this era of dramatic global changes in all aspect of life, youth are at the core of any country development, they need to be involved in development process and decision making in matter that affect them directly as well as which affect their country, but in other side each country need committed, ambitious and self disciplined youth who are ready and eager to change their life for the sake of their country.

Today Youth Post have a privilege to meet one of young, ambitious and self disciplined Tanzanian youth who dream to be among heroes fighting for social and economic changes in their community.
Ms. Saumu with students in a training
Saumu Issa Rajabu, a young Tanzanian and ambitious girl. She is a finalist student at Tengeru Institute of Community Development (TICD) in Arusha Tanzania where she pursuing her undergraduate degree in Community development with bias in management of community development programs.

Saumu is passionate about volunteering, which gives her ‘a definition of whom she should be every day, serving, uplifting and inspiring others. Her journey in community service started since her first year at the university as a youth facilitator volunteer at the Vision for Youth, a youth led organization in Arusha Tanzania. This was the time she realized where her dreams lies on and gave her millions of reason to be a social entrepreneur. Currently she is serving as ambassador of Vision for Youth and represent the organization in different activities around East African Regional

Apart from working as volunteer and ambassador at Vision for Youth, she is also volunteer as a facilitator in field of women empowerment at Returned Home DevelopmentOrganization (REDO) in the project aiming at supporting women on how they can start small business including tailoring and handcrafting to sustain their economy.

She has attended various conferences and seminar both national and international as a best way to challenge herself in her life dreams. Among those conferences, includes “Student Liberty conference 2014” in Nairobi Kenya which was aiming at empowering students to become leaders and agents of changes in their community and the East Africa Youth Dialogue. “Be the Change” held in Nairobi Kenya.

She has also participated in leadership where she saved as a Member of Parliament of Student government in her University. She is recognized as an active member of TICD –Students Organization.

As she believe in the saying that “If you want to go faster, go alone, But if you want to go far, go together” and want to go as far as her dreams, she has made efforts to join various youth forums which can transform her toward her life vision. She is a member of Ignite theYouth which is a Society of African Youth Activist and AIESEC which is a global students led organization in 2,400 universities and 126 countries and territories to unleash leadership potential in youth.

She believe that, passion, hardworking and confidence is a best way for an individual to achieve his or her life dreams. “Challenges that you face today in life, is what makes you a successful person tomorrow, Success Is You, the way you think, act and talk, that is Your Success…” she said.

My call to all youth in Africa is that, if we will not stand to build our dreams, someone will hire us to build theirs. Let us stand now.


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