Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Best is yet to come, Keep on Moving.

Our warm congratulation to you for every steps that you take towards positive changes in the society, we really know that it is hard and challenging but you never tired. We the youth are proud of you and wish you all the best in whatever way you go and initiatives you take.

Aya's story is that of a bold and daring super girl, with a rare zeal for undiluted activism.

A Pan-African at heart, Aya Chebbi is a Tunisian blogger and activist. Her enthusiasm for blogging was birthed during the Tunisia 2011 Revolution, when she felt the urge to report events from a "Proudly Tunisian" perspective as opposed to the international journalists who were tainting her country's narratives to suit the Western media’s interests. Today, the blog she started for the simple purpose of documenting Tunisian realities, has attracted tens of thousands of visitors from around the world. Apart from her personal blogging, Ayais a Columnist at OpenDemocracy, and her articles have been published at Al-JazeeraD+C for Development and CooperationYour Middle East and Foresight for Development-Africa. Her impactful work as a blogger has earned her invites to speak at multiple conferences and seminars, such as the Wheelock Global Conference in Boston on “Human Rights, Health and Education” as well the International Lecture of the National Cathedral School in Washington DC on the “Arab Uprising.” She has also blogged for global events such as the CIVICUS Youth Assembly in Canada and the World Innovation Summit of Education in Doha.

Aya is as passionate about Africa, as she is about her country. This passion led her to establish and chair the African Youth Movement -an action-oriented social movement that strives for the development, active participation and leadership of African youth in the fight for peace and social justice. In 2013, Africa also reckoned with Aya when she was honored as one of Africa's 28 Most Outstanding Women Leaders by the Moremi Initiative’s Leadership Development (MILEAD) in 2013. Making history as the first Tunisian to be so honored, She received this award in Accra from Hon. Samia Nkrumah - the daughter of the first president of Ghana and chairperson of the Convention Peoples Party. During the ceremony, Aya was opportune to meet the Nobel Peace Price Laureate Ms. Leymah Gbowee, member of Ghana Parliament Hon.Sarah Adwoa Safo, Ms.Esther Cobbah, Ms.Hendrica Okondo and Dr Juliette M. Tuakli among other inspirational African women leaders. 

Our Super Girl Aya, has travelled to over 20 African countries working with young people. She is the producer of a documentary called "Kenya's conscious transformation", a part of her  Africa Inspire Project that aims at changing the negative narrative about Africa. She has also represented Africa on diverse international platforms over the past four years. Following Tunisia’s revolution, she has widely spoken about social movements worldwide at conferences and rallies in the United StatesCanada, Poland, Germany, Turkey, Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia and South Africa among other countries. She is also the co-founder of the Voice of Women Initiative and youth advisor of CIVICUS World Alliance for Citizen Participation. Currently she works as a youth coordinator for the World Peace Initiative Foundation.

Aya Chebbi is passionate about volunteering, which gives her ‘a definition of whom I should be every day, serving others, uplifting others, inspiring others.’ The young Tunisian started volunteering in primary school, when she used to clean up her neighborhood on Sundays. She recalls: “I used to gather with the kids and knock the doors of all the houses to get people participate in the Sunday cleaning. I think at that early age, I didn’t see the environmental benefits of my action but I always had a sense of integrity to live in the community and make people happy around me.” She previously worked at the refugee camps during Libya’s civil war then at Bureau de Cooperation Tunisie-Denmark on youth development projects in Tunis as well as the Carter Center in Cairo monitoring 2012 Egyptian Presidential Elections. An adept mobilizer and organizer, she has mobilized a peaceful protest for the Bring Back Our Girls Campaign in Sri Lanka.

A global voice to reckon with, Aya was recently invited to New York to deliver a speech during the 59th session on the Commission on the Status of women. She spoke at the celebratory commemoration after high-powered speakers and celebrities including President of Liberia Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Hillary Clinton, Ban Ki Moon, Melinda Gates and Farhan Akhtar among others.
She has committed her life to reuniting North Africa with the rest of the continent based on her pan-africanist vision, fighting racism and terrorism inside the continent and promoting African values and youth agenda internationally. She has witnessed historical moments at Occupy Wall Street in New York, Occupy Gezi in Istanbul, Presidential Elections in Egypt and Al-Shabab terrorist attack in Kenya. She considers these experiences her strive to further make a difference in the world and fight for peace and social justice. Despite being blacklisted and banned from entering Egypt since March 2014, Aya remains undaunted - pressing forward with her multifaceted activism. She received the "Excellence in Leadership" Award by the African Youth Awards, earlier in the year.

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