Thursday, 2 April 2015

Why did they do this?

It is so sad to hear that 147 students at Garissa University lost their life by gun shots, most of them are youth, the generation that needed for the country development. But the question that we can all ask is "Why did they do this?"
My heart is bleeding to see innocent youth's dreams are cut off. Most bad of it they really know nothing about politics behind this attacks, they know nothing about why and who is behind this.
Now it is a time for African to stand and say #NOMORE killing of innocent souls, we have to stand as one nation and one people to end terrorism.

My condolences goes to my fellow Kenyan, friends and families who lost their beloved one, we are in this together. Let us use this as a point to unite us all regardless our religion, tribes and country. As African we have every reason to end terrorism

Location: Tanzania


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