Tuesday, 28 June 2016


Have you ever felt stressed and that the world is a worse place to live? What was the root cause of your stress? Was it breakup of disappointment from your loved one? Was it hardship of life or rejection? Was it fear of losing what you depend on or your life dreams?   If yes what did you do to comfort yourself from this kind of feeling?

Studies shows that no one live without stress because we are surrounded by so many things that makes us demand more than the ability we have to accomplish those demands. But also study suggest that stress is good at some point only people need is how to manage them and coupe with the situation.
I had experienced a life full of stress, strange night mayors, depression and fear of rejection after receiving unsatisfying result of my Form Four exams, no one understood me that it was accidentally, I was seen as a lazy person, someone who playing with life.

My parents could not afford to send me to private school, therefore the only option was for me to go for the short cause which will help me at least to get small job to do.

As everyone, I had a life dream of becoming world peace maker and my role model was Kofi Annan, the former UN Secretary General. I wanted to be like him, to help in solving world conflicts, but at that point my dream was turned into a night mayor, I had no help to realize it, I had no shoulder to lean on, it was the time I wished better I could die than living in the world where everything I do has no good end.

Two months later I decided to leave home to my friend’s family, it was not easy but I felt safe than my own home. It is the time I met a wonderful lady whom since then I call her aunt, I remember her telling me that “Don’t worry, this shall pass….. take your time, don’t think too much about it, try to see where you mistaken, everything will be alright”. I decided to start reading and finding best way to overcome stress. I came across the meditation technics by then I didn’t know who engineers them or how to conduct them for mind calmness. I only toon the basic concept of staying in a quiet place, closing my eyes and thinking about nothing.

It was a really amazing experience which turned my life completely. Through meditation I became a new person, I managed to reseat my exams and passed then joined high school and then university to pursue Bachelor of Arts in international Relations of which conflict and conflict resolution was a major.
After graduation I got an opportunity to join Peace Revolution Regional Fellowship which added my experience in meditation and my understanding on how we can solve conflicts by dealing with people’s mind.
I am currently a founder and director of youth led and initiative for peace called One Action Tanzania, aiming at addressing all potential that can cause the conflicts. I now strongly proud to say that if it wasn’t meditation I could not achieve my dream.

My gratitude is to Peace Revolution and World Peace Initiative for introducing this program which impact and change world to a better place, also to my lovely aunt Ms. Shakila Mteti for her positive thinking advice which gave me confidence to sit again for my exams. I can see that my dream is about to be realized in a near future.

By: Finland Bernard.

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