Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The revolution of dignity can make right history for the next generations

"But who was behind our victory? It was Tunisian people including Tunisian women who chose to be part of history... The history which had been steered towards depriving women equal opportunities and marginalizing the youth. We decided to re-write history and make it right for the next generations" "Let's Keep The Fight" 
Aya Chebbi a young Pan-African feminist activist and blogger who dedicated her life to the safe world through revolution of dignity. She is among very few African girls who stand and fight for true democracy, justice, equality and peace in the continent and world at large.
Her life has chapters of inspiration stories which you will never tired to listen and read, she is an inspirational and role model to many young African boys and girls who thriving for their destiny. She believe in youth and she is working hard to unite all African youth with the aim of having united African youth voice through African Youth Movement.


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