Saturday, 11 July 2015

African youth's problems need youth them self.

For many year African youth have been experiencing many problems which most of those problems affect them and their life dreams directly. Bad leaders who place their their interest at the center and forget that behind them there a group of people particularly youth who believed and gave them power to  lead them, civil wars, HIV/AIDS and other diseases has become a big threat to them too.

But one of the biggest and worst problem that face African Youth is unemployment which has caused a lot of chaos and civil wars in may countries, youth are joining rebels groups, engage in drugs and other illegal business hoping that is the best way they can sustain their life. 

But the reality remain that, youth problems depends on youth solutions. Instead of expecting government to do everything for them, they have to see hoe they can do something to support them and their government. They should engage in small business and form serving groups in which government is willing to support them instead of sitting back and wait for the government to employ them.


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