Saturday, 17 October 2015

The War that every Tanzanian must fight, The War of War against War!

Today in the evening when I was coming out from the office after office hours, I saw number of Uganda Army's Tracks carried hundreds of soldiers full equipped like they are going to the battle field.
As I was still wondering where they are going I decided to ask someone who was near where I was stood.
Hi! I greeted him. “Sorry, where are they going”?
They guy responded... "They are going to Somalia, don't you know the situation in Somalia? The civil war and political unrest that is taking place there?!!!"
Now he was staring at me.... To cut the story short I responded, Ouh! I know, but I had no idea that they are going there.
I am not really sure if they were going to Somalia to rescue the so called political unrest which has taken decades now or they were going to South Sudan since still there is fighting going on, that didn't bother me much, I took a little while to look at those tracks, each had not less than fifty soldiers....
I looked at their faces since I was stood by the road side, I tried to take myself as I was in the track going to the battle field, then I looked back to my family, my friends, my country and every I know in this world....
Unknowingly I found tears flowing down my eyes almost passing the nose as I was looking down. I took myself as them, I took myself to the battle field.
I was shot down dying. I was leaving my beautiful daughter, my mother, my father and brothers. I was living my beloved friends whom we use to enjoy different moments of life, share, care and support each other..... I was dying before accomplishing my life dreams of serving the world as a best peace gladiator and make sure that #NoMoreWarsinAfrica because I died in a war battle.
I thought of my plan of becoming a young successful entrepreneur by #2025 with big media company operating all over the Africa. I realized that I have lost everything I had and planned to make, I was alone.... My fellow soldiers had to move on and try to save themself, no one was there for me...
Pi piiiii !!!!!! Suddenly the hon from a coming taxi as in Tanzania we call them #Daladala woke me up from what I can call it #DayMares, all tracks were gone, the person I was asking also left.
Some of them will not come back... "I thought" they will die on the battle, they will leave their friends and family only because they were serving other people's life....
I wiped my tears and started slowly to walk away.
Now I was not thinking of them again, but I was asking myself many questions of which I couldn't find their answers.


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